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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the chemicals hurt my plants?

  1. It is always something to be concerned about. We train all of our technicians in plant protection and spraying techniques to avoid these issues. If any plant is harmed, we replace with no questions asked.

Q. What happens to chemicals when they run-off my roof?

  1. We bag the gutters as a precaution, however, after a couple of days, Sodium Hydroxide turns back into salt and will cause no harm.

Q. How long have we been in business?

  1. 5 years

Q. Do you use pressure?

  1. Only on hard surfaces such as concrete and wood, for siding and roofing, we never use pressure and always recommend soft-washing.

Q. Is debris removal included with a roof cleaning?

  1. It is an additional charge, not quoted in the roof wash unless otherwise agreed upon.

Q. Do you clean the soffits or gutters with a roof cleaning?

  1. We highly recommend purchasing gutter whitening, because we do not include gutter cleaning in a typical roof cleaning. The only thing that is standard is a roof treatment; any surface that comes in contact with the cleaner will get cleaned, that is why we recommend multiple services at the initial cleaning.

Q. Why are we different?

  1. We are a customer service business that happens to power wash. Our team members are trained and tested in best practice, as well as background checked and approved by a third party to verify they are safe on your property.

Q. Will our well water affect the cleaning?

  1. Well water will have no effect on the cleaning.

Q. Will cleaning my roof damage the shingles?

  1. We always soft-wash roofs, and do not use pressure to clean. This process is recommended by ARMA as the safest and most efficient way to clean a roof.

Q. What is soft-washing?

  1. Soft washing is the introduction of low-pressure detergent cleaning rather than high pressure. We apply our cleaning detergent with low pressure, after ample dwell time we rinse the cleaning detergent off with garden hose pressure. We use cleaning agents to kill the mold rather than displacing it with high pressure, the clean with soft-washing last longer than the clean from power washing.

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