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Commercial Pressure Washing

Surface Renew is home to the simplest satisfaction guarantee in the business. We are a full service, no hassle pressure washing company servicing all of West Michigan.

We use only the best equipment and techniques to make your home or business shine. If you are sick of looking at a dingy / dirty sidewalks, molded brick or any other hard surface; give Surface Renew a call today.

We will deploy a trained team member to get the job done right on the first visit. We have been detailing concrete in West Michigan for over 5 years. If you do some research online you will find that Surface Renew simply cares (reviews). You can expect a clean surface without damage to any of your hard surfaces.

From the moment you call, we make it a priority to get out there as quickly as possible and take care of your exterior cleaning needs.

UAMCC_logoWhy Surface Renew

  • Licensed Contractor
  • Commercial Insurances
  • Liability Protection
  • Quality Guarantee
  • No or Low use of ladders
  • Flexible scheduling to promote zero business interruption

People look down as often as they look up – and that part of your property matters! Surface Renew supports the curb appeal of your commercial property with our pressure washing service.

Universal Solutions for Every Surface


Keep your community or complex clean and beautiful with professional cleaning services from Surface Renew.

We safely SoftWash everything from roofs and siding, to breezeways and walkways, for all types of multi-family properties:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Condominiums
  • Townhomes
  • HOA & POA Communities
  • Senior Communities & many more!


Hotels, motels, and resort properties require an exceptional level of clean like only the pros at Surface Renew can provide.

Our SoftWashing method is the ideal cleaning and pest treatment solution for a variety of hospitality industry property exteriors:

  • Hotels of any size
  • Motels & Inns
  • Resort Properties
  • Restaurants & Halls
  • Lodges & more!


Properly maintaining your industrial facility can save your company millions in energy costs, premature repairs & recoatings.

Many membrane roofs require regular cleaning to maintain their warranties. ALL light-colored roofs start to lose their energy efficiency as they darken due to algae and pollution. We can help!

  • EPDM Safe Roof Cleaning
  • Industrial Facilities of all kinds, including factories, plants, refineries and more!


A pristine healthcare facility exterior is vital in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for staff and patients alike.

Cleanliness is especially important for healthcare properties. It helps keep patients feeling safe and well taken care of.

  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Private Practices
  • Dental Offices
  • Chiropractor Offices
  • Pharmacies & more!

Every surface is vulnerable to stains and eyesores, but your hardscapes seem to bear the brunt of the burden. Our team works carefully to remove months of wear and tear and restore a high level of curb appeal to your property.

Using innovative pressure washing equipment and advanced cleaning technology, our team brings superior results to all your exterior surfaces.

Pressure Washing for Curb Appeal

Our team has been a partner in curb appeal for years, and we’re proud to bring the best service and quality to West Michigan.

We care about the instantaneous value of a great first impression. But we also care about long-lasting quality. That’s why we pledge to always deliver the following to your property:

  • Advanced pressure washing equipment: We exclusively use the most advanced – and highly rated – pressure washing technology for your property.
  • Custom cleaning agents: Every cleaning product we use is designed to break down buildup, remove stains, and kill bacterial and spore growth.
  • Expert technicians: Each member of our team brings with them training, professional certification, and years of experience.
  • Authentic professionalism: As a licensed contractor, we provide complete commercial insurance coverage, liability protection, and a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Flexible Scheduling: You have a business to run, and we make sure our service doesn’t interrupt it thanks to our off-hours scheduling options.

Curb appeal begins at the ground, but its impact spreads all the way to the top of your property. Build a great foundation with pressure washing from Surface Renew!