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Commercial Building Washing

First impressions matter, we can help your building stand out with our building washing services.

Surface Renew sets the standard for clean in West Michigan. We have been cleaning homes and businesses for over 5 years and with 100’s of happy customers in the West Michigan area, you can feel good about calling Surface Renew to renew the exterior of your business.

We use a method called soft-washing, soft-washing is the introduction of detergents, surfactants and emulsifiers with a low pressure rinse. A cleaner is applied to the building, and rinsed off with garden hose pressure. Not only is soft-washing safer than pressure washing, it leaves a cleaner clean. Our soft-washing process will kill the mold and expunge dirt, leaving your business clean as new.

Why Surface Renew

  • Licensed Contractor
  • Commercial Insurances
  • Liability Protection
  • Quality Gurantee
  • No or Low use of ladders
  • Flexibile scheduling to promote zero business interruption

First impressions matter. And Surface Renew helps your property stand out as a beacon of professionalism. With our building washing service, your reputation soars!

Setting the Standard for ‘Clean’

Surface Renew sets the standard for clean in West Michigan. With more than half a decade of experience and hundreds of happy customers, we are proud to deliver a high caliber of excellence across the region.

Our team uses a method of exterior cleaning called “soft washing” for your exterior. This innovative update to pressure washing is a complete solution for all buildings, as it delivers results that prioritize:

  • Safety: Our soft washing service doesn’t use pressure, so it’s safe for every building exterior. And with our environmentally safe cleaners, you know your property is in good hands.
  • Effectiveness: Our team removes dirt, stains, mold, and other residues. But we don’t just eliminate stains – we also kill active growth, so it won’t make a comeback.
  • Durability: We think of building washing as an investment. When you get a service from our team, you’re getting results that last the longest in the industry.

Your Partner for Commercial Curb Appeal

We believe that a great first impression is one of the best secret weapons a property can have. And our team is proud to bring out the best in your business with our industry-grade building washing solution.

When you choose Surface Renew, you aren’t just getting great results. You’re getting start-to-finish quality. Our team delivers complete benefits including:

  • Credibility as a licensed contractor
  • Liability protection and commercial insurance coverage
  • 100% quality guarantee
  • Rigorous safety standards
  • Flexible scheduling to allow for minimal business interruption

Make people stop and stare. Make them see your business for what it is: A professional, reputable, and responsible member of the community! Surface Renew is here to bring that vision to life.

More Than The Cleaning - It's A Treatment!

Surface Renew, LLC

Pressure washing alone doesn't solve the problem of algae, mildew & bacteria staining. We use the SoftWash System to treat mold like a pest, not a stain. We achieve a 100% kill ratio to keep the pests from coming back. The SoftWash System delivers results that last 4 to 5 times longer than pressure washing.



Keep your community or complex clean and beautiful with professional cleaning services from Surface Renew.



Hotels, motels, and resort properties require an exceptional level of clean like only the pros at Surface Renew can provide.



Properly maintaining your industrial facility can save your company millions in energy costs, premature repairs & recoatings.



A pristine health care facility exterior is vital in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for staff and patients alike.

What Is Destroying Your Building's Surfaces?

Your building isn't just dirty, it's infested. Infested with tiny micro organisms like algae, molds, mildews, and bacteria. These pests are actually decomposing the surfaces they are growing on!

Your Building Is Under Attack

Nature uses these tiny microorganisms to break down larger objects into smaller ones, eventually becoming part of the soil. This process is called decomposition and no part of your building's exterior can remain unaffected for long.

Don't Let Your Building Be A Victim.

Your building's roof, walls and other surfaces around your property are being attacked and decomposed right before your very eyes. It may appear as just a minor stain or discoloration, but left unchecked you could soon end up with a severe algae, mold, mildew or bacterial infestation problem that could cost your business thousands or even millions of dollars in expensive restoration work.