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Window Cleaning

No time or desire to clean your windows? Give Surface Renew a call and we will get out there as quick as possible and show you our clean is cleaner!

  • Ultra Pure Water (Water Purification System) and water fed poles
  • No chemicals or soaps
  • Spot Free Clean Glass / No residue, streaks or static clean, just clean glass
  • No ladders (safer for us and your vegetation)
  • We can clean up to 5 stories without the use of ladders (Safety first)
  • When your free time is few and far between, would you rather spend it cleaning windows or enjoying the flawless view?

We have a suspicion that you’d choose the second option, and Surface Renew is here to help. Our professional window cleaning service delivers spotless results for every pane – and less headache for you.

Our Clean is Cleaner

If you’ve ever taken spray cleaner to your windows, you probably can fill in the end result: You used a lot of paper towels and elbow grease, and there isn’t much to show for it.

Our window cleaning approach is different. We use an industry-grade solution that ensures superior quality for your panes, and a spotless viewing experience for you.

Our window cleaning process includes:

  • Pure Water Technology: Using a water purification system, we guarantee that the water used in our cleaning process if free of mineral deposits
  • Water-fed poles: Say goodbye to the squeegees. Our innovative cleaning system allows us to clean all of your windows with our technicians planted firmly on the ground.

Chemical and soap free cleaning: We don’t use soaps or chemicals in our window cleaning process, as they leave residue, static and streaks.

Safety and Superior Quality Join Forces

Our window cleaning process is proof that spotless panes can be achieved in a safe and professional manner. We’ve invested in the most innovative equipment to deliver a service that provides top marks in:

  • Safety: Our team can clean up to five stories without the use of ladders
  • Environmental Integrity: Thanks to our chemical-free cleaning, runoff is never an issue
  • Property Protection: Ladder-free cleaning is better for your vegetation and home
  • Ensuring Quality: Our cleaning process leaves your windows streak-free for longer

With the combination of ultra-pure water, chemical-free cleaning, and our water-fed pole system, we bring out the true “spotless” potential in your windows.

Breathe new life into your exterior surfaces

Surface Renew, LLC

Surface Renew is West Michigan’s premier roof washing and exterior cleaning company. We set the highest standard for roof washing and exterior cleaning. Our main focus is on accomplishing your objective in a timely and professional manner.

West Michigan’s Best Exterior Cleaning

Our corner of the Lower Peninsula sees it all: warm and sunny summers, raw and biting winters, and everything in between. While we might not feel fazed by the elements, the same can’t be said for our exterior surfaces.

That’s where our team can help. As your professional exterior cleaning company, we are proud to deliver complete service in pressure washing, building washing, window cleaning, roof washing, rust stain removal, concrete cleaning, or any other exterior cleaning project. We set a high standard for every project we approach. And with our team on the job, you can always count on excellence.