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Snow shoveling (Roofs) & Ice Dam Prevention

There are many reasons to keep the build-up of snow off of your roof. If there is no snow, ice dams cannot form. Ice dams can wreck havoc on the interior of your home. Not only does keeping your roof free of snow help eliminate ice dams, it also keeps a lot of excess weight off of the roof. Cave-ins and ice dams are very common in Michigan. We typically show up in two-man crews and do most of our work from the ground with roof rakes. Depending on the level of service you request, we can remove the first 3 feet or clear the entire roof. Surface Renew has proper anchoring and harness systems to promote the safest environment possible. Don’t take a chance getting up on your roof yourself, give Surface Renew a call and we will take care of it for you.

ice steaming and roof snow removal


Surface Renew has partnerships with high-quality tradesmen to help you put your home back together after an ice dam.

We look at ice dam removal as a temporary band-aid. Removing an ice dam does not guarantee the ice dam won’t come back. It is more important to treat the main cause of the dam rather than the symptom (the ice dam).

Common causes of an ice dam include:

  • Lack of insulation in the attic
  • Little to no ventilation at the roof ridge
  • Poor ventilation of soffits
  • Heat sources leaking in the attic

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