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What are these hideous black streaks on my roof?

These lovely streaks are Gloeocapsa Magma, also known as black streaks (not so technical term). This particular type of bacteria accumulates over time as it feeds on moisture and calcium carbonate. Roof shingle manufacturers typically (in the past) have used limestone as a filler in the asphalt shingle. Limestone is a strong source of food for the bacteria, the evidence is usually greatest on the North and West side of homes that typically get more shade and moisture.

Why do we need to address this issue?

Most of the time, customers call us because the black streaks look terrible. Nothing kills curb appeal quicker than black streaks or moss on your roof. So even though it is perceived to be an esthetic issue, there are greater reasons to get your roof cleaned. If you leave the infestation to grow, it can and will cause premature aging, rotting, and granule loss to the shingles, costing you thousands of dollars.

What is your process for cleaning my roof?

We clean every roof the same way, low pressure and a cleaning solution. We absolutely, positively do not use pressure under any circumstance. Surface Renew cleans every roof according to the latest ARMA’s (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Associations) standard.

Download: Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association recommendations on roof cleaning (PDF)

Your roof is more than row after row of shingles. It’s a major investment – and it plays a key role in the curb appeal of your property. And Surface Renew is here to help you save your wallet and your first impression with our professional roof cleaning solution.

Solving the Mystery of Black Streaks

You know those black streaks you get on your roof? They’re more than a stain – they’re actually a bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. Gloeocapsa Magma accumulates over time, feeding on moisture and calcium carbonate. But there are a few key facts to keep in mind:

  • Many roofing manufacturers use limestone as a filler in asphalt shingle, and this is a key food source for Gloeocapsa Magma
  • The north and west sides of your homes are typically most affected, as they get more shade and moisture
  • As Gloeocapsa Magma grows, so do the streaks

An Eyesore and More

Most of our customers call us for a roof cleaning service because the black streaks are a stain – literally – on their property’s curb appeal. But there are other issues to consider, too. Black streaks:

  • Hurt your curb appeal: Nothing kills curb appeal as quickly as a series of large, dark stains
  • Devalue your property: If black streaks are allowed to grow, they cause premature aging, rotting, and granule loss to the shingles
  • Compromise your insurance policy: Many insurance companies will fine you or cancel your policy if your roof is poorly maintained

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Your Pressure-Free Roof Cleaning Solution

We recommend that you save thousands of dollars on that unnecessary roof replacement, reclaim your curb appeal, and invest in the long-term viability of your property. And we take care of the details with our roof cleaning service. This solution is:

  • Pressure-free: Our soft washing service is safe for your shingles and delivers exceptional quality
  • ARMA-approved: Every roof cleaning process is achieved in accordance with ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) standards
  • Reliable and effective: You can extend your roof’s lifetime by a decade or longer with regular roof cleaning service

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