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Pressure Washing

Superior Service for Shining Surfaces

Dull sidewalks, dirty surfaces, and grimy pavers – when you are dealing with exterior surfaces, wear and tear is a simple reality. But our team works to reverse the damage of mother nature and foot/vehicle traffic with our professional solution.Concrete Cleaning

We deploy full service solutions to your property to ensure comprehensive and long-lasting results. Our pressure washing service is ideally suited to deliver quality solutions to your:

  • Driveway
  • Sidewalk
  • Patio
  • Pool deck
  • Pavers
  • Molded brick
  • Decorative concrete

We keep our satisfaction guarantee simple. Our team promises that we will deliver exceptional results, so you can feel confident in uncompromising quality every time we come to your property.

Concrete Cleaning Gallery

Breathe new life into your exterior surfaces

Surface Renew, LLC

Surface Renew is West Michigan’s premier roof washing and exterior cleaning company. We set the highest standard for roof washing and exterior cleaning. Our main focus is on accomplishing your objective in a timely and professional manner.

West Michigan’s Best Exterior Cleaning

Our corner of the Lower Peninsula sees it all: warm and sunny summers, raw and biting winters, and everything in between. While we might not feel fazed by the elements, the same can’t be said for our exterior surfaces.

That’s where our team can help. As your professional exterior cleaning company, we are proud to deliver complete service in pressure washing, building washing, window cleaning, roof washing, rust stain removal, concrete cleaning, or any other exterior cleaning project. We set a high standard for every project we approach. And with our team on the job, you can always count on excellence.