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Deck Maintenance Program

We understand that paying full price to have your deck restored every 2-4 years can be expensive, so we are rolling out a new program to make it more affordable to keep your deck looking good, all year every year. A lot of customers put deck staining off because of the cost, or lack of time. Once you are a customer of ours, we want to keep your business long term. We only use high-quality oil stains, which enables us to recoat a deck multiple times before a full deck restoration is needed.

One of the most common questions we get daily is how long will my deck stain last. Many things contribute to the life of your stain (maintenance, sun exposure, snow loads etc). It is common and most likely that the floor will start to look hungry or uneven much quicker than the vertical railings.

We tell customers that spindles will typically give you 3-5 years depending on exposure, however floors can be anywhere from 2-4 years.

Rather than putting off the project until the entire deck has faded, it is now much more economical to have us come back and recoat the floor only.

Our deck maintenance program gives you a 20% discount on a recoating. It is much cheaper and less labor intensive for us to recoat a deck, so we pass those savings onto you. Below you will find an example of the savings of a recoat versus a complete restoration.

Breathe new life into your exterior surfaces

Surface Renew, LLC

Surface Renew is West Michigan’s premier roof washing and exterior cleaning company. We set the highest standard for roof washing and exterior cleaning. Our main focus is on accomplishing your objective in a timely and professional manner.

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Our corner of the Lower Peninsula sees it all: warm and sunny summers, raw and biting winters, and everything in between. While we might not feel fazed by the elements, the same can’t be said for our exterior surfaces.

That’s where our team can help. As your professional exterior cleaning company, we are proud to deliver complete service in pressure washing, building washing, window cleaning, roof washing, rust stain removal, concrete cleaning, or any other exterior cleaning project. We set a high standard for every project we approach. And with our team on the job, you can always count on excellence.