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Power Washing, Pressure Washing, Soft Washing

Power Washing, Pressure Washing, Soft Washing


Cleaning with Powerwashing

A clean home goes a long way, but you would not mop your carpets. Different parts of a house require different levels of attention and there are some common misconceptions between power, pressure, and soft washing services. Knowing the right level or pressure to apply to different services can save a lot of hassle and prevent unintended damages.

Essentially Power and Pressure washing are the same process, they both use high velocity water, sometimes using heated water to make the process more efficient. Pressure washing is most effective in sweeping patterns and do not require too much concentration in one area. Power and pressure washing are very effective at cleaning hard surfaces such as patios, decks, fences, and driveways. It is not the best solution for any surface, windows and shingles should not be on the receiving end of blasts of water. Different temperatures of water are incorporated into pressure washing to tackle different types of stains, cold water is generally efficient for most built up dirt and grime. Hot water is necessary to combat the most stubborn stains, like grease or oil.

Soft washing is different, it relies on balanced solutions, not force, to clean. Soft washing is like washing your hands, it is more based around the soap and the scrubbing used rather than just the flow of the water. Soft washing is best when applied to siding, exterior brick, and gutters. Effective soft washing is a delicate science that works best when performed by professionals.

Surface Renew is the best in West Michigan at using the best combination of pressure washing and soft washing to service your pressure washing needs. We have the right tools and know how to tackle any challenge.

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