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Can Power Washing Do Damage?

Can Power Washing Do Damage?


Concrete Powerwash

Power washing breathes life back into the exterior of your home, cleaning built up grime off siding, wood, concrete, and more. However, power washing machines can be difficult to control properly. When power washing is done improperly, the high pressurized water can cause damage all over different parts of your property.
Siding can be difficult to pressure wash; the high-powered water can dent aluminum and vinyl siding. Water that gets underneath the siding can damage insulation and electrical wiring and has the possibility of causing mold growth.

Many houses have exterior panels for their gas and electric supply, these panels can withstand wind, rain, and snow all year; they are not designed to absorb highly pressurized targeted jets of water. If done incorrectly, streams of water can get into these panels and result in costly repairs. Pressure washing your roof is a bad idea. Not only is a high-powered stream of water on a ladder a recipe for disaster, but high-powered water can strip the protective grains off shingles or even remove the shingles entirely. Roof cleaning should be done with low pressure and cleaning solutions.

Old brick houses, structures, and decorations are vulnerable to pressure washing. Improper use can completely blast away any loose materials instead of just eliminating the built-up dirt and grime as intended. Painted surfaces can easily fall victim to improper pressure washing. Just as easily as power washing removes built up grime, it can begin to chip off layers of paint. Windows can be damaged by pressure washing, the high-powered streams can smash through the glass and cause a mess and a headache to take care of, it takes careful aim to avoid windows when pressure washing.

This is a long list of potential damages to your home that could easily total thousands of dollars in repairs, all from just trying to clean your home’s exterior. Avoiding these damages can be accomplished through hiring professionals to properly service. The professionals at Surface Renew can properly clean your exterior, your roof, your windows, your gutters, and concrete surfaces around your home.


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